This sample “model” plan is for use in Ibis training programs, and in company plan development.  It is designed for established companies with over 5 years trading history to focus performance and improve control. A separate business plan format exists for start up and early stage operations.

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  • Opportunity to assist company to gain leading position in new growth sector in floor covering market and achieve First Mover Advantage
  • Earnings to rise over 50% during the period of the plan; gross margins to improve 18% as company moves up the value chain; return on capital employed (ROCE) to pass 20% by the third and final year of the plan
  • Valuation to rise from €150 million to €250 million during the period of the plan based on sector average price earnings ratio
  • Ease of exit ensured by share liquidity, high levels of free float and bonus systems focused on share returns
  • No major multinational competitor in growing international niche market with high margins
  • Attractive long term market driven by demographics, economics and social trends
  • Strong barriers to entry created by “mission critical” equipment demands
  • Value protected by strong IPR
  • Company has history of always over-achieving its planned objectives
  • Strong cash flow from existing business activity
  • Decentralized, skilled staff
  • Growing faster than market
  • Improving market leadership position in existing sectors
  • Award winning products and services
  • High rates of new product development
  • Global reach enhanced by local customer support initiatives
  • Strong competitive position across all 11 elements
  • High levels of repeat business driven by customer satisfaction
  • Investing to gain market leadership in new rapidly growing segment
  • Concept easily scalable
  • Limited threat of entrants or substitutes
  • High labour retention rate
  • All staff motivated by substantial equity stakes in enterprise; all subscribing to new investment
  • History of steadily rising dividends
  • Best practice corporate governance
  • Best practice project management
  • Best practice risk management
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