Are you the right type of group or individual to develop a business?

This quiz is designed to show you the range of qualities which research on successful businesses shows are necessary to be an effective entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs require different skills at different stages of the business; this is why groups have more success than the lone individual.

So, if you are a group, answer it as a group; if an individual as an individual.

Do be honest. It is only worthwhile if honestly answered. Get a colleague or someone else objective to answer it – we don't want to be responsible for the break up of relationships! If you are answering as a group, get an outsider who knows you all to answer.

Don't think that this is the final answer. It is only a broad guideline, and designed to raise more questions than it answers. All types of individuals and concepts succeed against apparently insurmountable obstacles – as long as you are aware of them, this quiz will have fulfilled its purpose.

The right people is only one element in the mix of the successful business. The right people have to have the right idea, and the right plan. This quiz is no substitute for the detailed planning which must be completed next. Start up businesses require a lot of planning and thought to get them right – don't skimp on it.  Test out your business concept with the business concept quiz – and build your start up plan with Business Plan Pro.

Entrepreneur's Quiz from IBIS

Question Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Can you accept a high level of uncertainty in your working day?
Can you easily cope with disappointment?
Can you sell?
Have you hands-on experience of managing budgets?
Have you hands-on experience of managing projects to time and budget?
Are you happy to work long hours?
Can you work without a large income in discomfort?
Are you ambitious to create your own future?
Will you listen to advice from anybody?
Have you a supportive network of friends, family and expert advisers?
Are you forward looking?
Do you like dealing with new ideas?
Do you take decisions easily?
Do you find it easy to work with other people?
Do you find that you can keep detailed records?
Do you delegate easily?
Do you like the detail of monitoring progress?
Can you manage meetings well?
Your total is:        

Score 180: You and your group are too perfect! Get someone else to analyse your strengths and weaknesses

Score 110-178. You and your group have the mix of the right qualities to become and entrepreneur. But remember that this is only the start of a long and difficult journey. You must have the right idea check out the business concept quiz, and the right plan which Business Plan Pro will give you and then the right monitoring system for when the business plan is established

Score 82-110: You have many of the right qualities to become an entrepreneur, but there are gaps which need strengthening. Think about building a team to help you achieve the balance of attitudes and skills that you need in an effective business.

Score 36- 80: Becoming an entrepreneur is probably not for you. Sit back and think about the demands that it will place upon you and your family.

This quiz was designed by Ibis Associates, to provide broad guidelines based on current research in business development. It is not a replacement for detailed analysis and professional guidance. No guaranties or warranties are implied.

More information on the way in which Ibis can contribute to your business plan development is provided at Advantage Ibis 

More information on the Ibis approach is also available on the FAQ page.