This analysis was originally based on a review of 57 companies, considered as start up operations, which applied to receive additional funding. The differences between high scoring plans and low scoring plans (those achieving more than 80 out of 100 compared with those of less than 20) in gaining funding is 59 times. There is a difference of 21 times between the high scoring plans in survival rates and achieving basic objectives compared with low scoring plans. This original survey was supported by a further analysis of 71 companies in 2003. As a result of this additional research, further questions were added to further improve the link between plan scores and success. The original analysis was in the UK, but since plans from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia have been added.

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This questionnaire is designed for companies in the first year or second year of operation – where structural concerns are most important for the company and the investor. The continuing business analysis should be used for other companies, where operational concerns are far more important. This on-line version is a simplified form of the more detailed off-line analysis which is part of Ibis services The off-line version now has 121 questions and provides a more precise assessment of a plan strengths and weaknesses.

The Ibis offline analysis provides the following information:

Subsidiary scores for key areas of the plan to identify strengths and weaknesses;

Most cost effective improvements to make to the existing plan;

A comparison of the plan score against all plans received in the same sector;

A comparison between the plan score and all plans from that sector which received investment – the investibility ratio – which gives a clear idea of how likely it is to receive investment;

Best financing route for the proposed operation;

Suggested presentational improvements for the current plan;

Copies of the 5 vital standard operating procedures for the start up company;

15 check lists to improve your operating efficiency.

See Ibis services for fuller details of the business plan analysis service.

To complete the analysis, fill in the boxes where your plan meets the criteria. A perfect score is 100.



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