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A communication plan is essential for the growing SME. Article16

Barriers to effective planning and control can be managed if properly understood. Article15

E-business transformation requires considerable resources for the typical SME. A step by step process can lower the cost and improve the receptiveness of all staff. Article 13

Moving the back office to the front – a fundamental need to re-appraise the management of IT in the SME. Article 11

Portfolio analysis has always been considered to be the only useful for larger companies. Evaluating the demands of an effective technique from the perspective of the SME reveals that some have particular value to the SME and can be used to improve company understanding. Portfolio techniques for the SME

The use of Business Plan Pro software can help start up companies when integrated into an overall support programme. Start up plans; improving performance with Business Plan Pro

Linking improved monitoring with basic standard policies can greatly enhance the potential for the organisation to develop skills cost effectively. Standard operating procedures are one method which can assist in this development. Article 10

Good business plans improve investment efficiency. This article explores the contents of the ideal business plan in existing and start up operations. Article 1

New product development (NPD) and innovation rates can be increased by effective business structure and planning. This article explores the impact of improved planning and control on NPD rates in the European Union. article2

Business failure is at one end of a continuum to high growth, high profit companies at the other. This article considers the issues in planning and control to reduce failure and increase success rates. article3

Emergent strategy and the SME. This article offers an effective route to build strategic competencies into the average SME. article4

Three factors affect business plan content; best practice, the stage of company development and the plan audience. This article provides a method of identifying how content should be developed to integrate these
three components. article5

Support for SME development in the industrialising world must be effectively focused. This article explores the issues and emphasises the role of the Internet. Comm Sec article

Developing effective intrapreneurial activity with existing staff is a major challenge. This article explores the contribution a quality business plan can make to changing attitudes, knowledge and skills.  Article 6

High technology small companies appear to offer higher growth opportunities than traditional technology concerns. This potential comes at a price and this article explores the key factors involved. Article 7

Effective planning for non-profit organisations means significant changes to the structure of the typical commercial business plan.Article 8

Most businesses only consider limited funding options. There are over 30 options available which need to be identified and integrated into the plan. This article develops a framework for their incorporation and lists the normally available options. Article 9

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