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The creation of knowledge centers and bottom up planning;
Mentoring business plan development;

The creation of knowledge centers and bottom up planning 

The Ibis approach focuses on the creation of knowledge centers with associated key performance indicators as the basis for all enterprise planning and control. This ensures a significant number of operational advantages.

Focus. The Ibis approach improves the focus of the enterprise in concentrating on those elements of the business that will generate the best returns through management by objectives and project management (action planning and implementation).

Returns. The developing emphasis on investment appraisal enables the enterprise to make better decisions on strategies that depend on decentralised actions such as cost cutting, within the overall golden circle development of the enterprise.

Skills. The creation of knowledge centers encourages team building, speeds the learning curve, develops a concentration on key operational performance criteria, and improves labour retention. Knowledge center structures have also been seen to improve succession planning through creating a pool of individuals with proven project management skills, creating a natural framework for the introduction of quality circles, problem solving techniques including creativity, while developing presentation skills throughout the group.

Growth. Better understanding of the market dynamics coupled with decentralisation of investment decisions provides for better growth as returns on investment are improved.

Competitive advantage. The better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) through the use of knowledge centers, key performance indicators, and benchmarks provides the most comprehensive assessment of overall competitive advantage. 

Speed of decision making. The linked business monitoring methodology improves the response to the environment and greatly reduces the problems normally encountered in change management as knowledge centers are continually altering their activities within the decentralised authority/responsibility framework.

Control. Decentralisation of control to knowledge centers emphasises effective corporate governance and common approaches to problem solving and action implementation through standard operating procedures.

Risk. Breaking down risk into small controllable components greatly improves risk management, as does the knowledge center based creation of the contingency plan.

The speed at which the planning platform can be introduced into each enterprise will vary, depending on management requirements and overall skills. It is not appropriate for the small enterprise with a limited management team as it demands a degree of specialisation within the organisation which is largely a function of size.

For each enterprise, Ibis proposes a project plan for implementation, with target performance improvements based on stage gate principles. This provides the enterprise with control over the introduction of the new methodology.

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Mentoring and plan evaluation

Through using existing templates for business plan development for the established company and the separate format for start up business planning, Ibis can provide effective mentoring services.

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Ibis offers a mixture of residential and in-house training, including an interactive business plan game.

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The overall context within the business plan outline;

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